solo shows

2016 paom, werkartz, los angeles, ca 

2016 L7, lei min space, los angeles, ca

2014 my first art show, bold LA, los angeles, ca 

2015 sry, 303, vancouver, bc

group shows

2018 you're doing amazing, sweet tea [duo show], flight gallery, san antonio tx

2017 strange pleasures, thatthat, los angeles, ca

2017 got it for cheap traveling art show, 0.0 LA

2017 aloha from hell film festival, public arts, new york, ny

2017 watermark, nous tous, los angeles, ca

2016 we the people, werkartz, los angeles, ca

2016 QWERT, flirty and crying, big pictures LA, los angeles, ca

2016 super tight, cinefamily, los angeles, ca

2016 what a time to be alive, slow culture, los angeles, ca

2015 hot in here, sunday LA, los angeles, ca

2015 ooh la la, bold, los angeles, ca

L7 Solo Show Opening 2016

QWERTY, Flirty and Crying Group Show Opening 2016

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